Shop less ... do more!

Finally!  A professional, personalized grocery shopping & delivery service.

Kanga-Do navigates snarled traffic, snags the last available parking space in the uber-crowded mega-strip mall, pilots the shopping cart with the wobbly wheel, endures the hopelessly-long checkout lines - oh yes, and in the process does all of your grocery shopping for you at the store(s) of your choice and brings your goods to you.

How does it work? Simple - select the monthly package that works for you. Once you've locked in the weekly delivery day/time/location that works best for you, send us your list. Kanga-Do then shops for you and brings your purchases to your home or office. Whoa!

So how much is your free time worth to you? For as little as $97 per month, Kanga-Do will get it done for you. Not just at grocery stores, either - while we are often seen hopping around Aldi, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's, Kanga-Do will also shop for your household's needs at Target, WalMart, Walgreen's, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe's, Home Depot, PetSmart, Best Buy, etc.


We request at least 24 hours advance notice; typically we can offer same-day delivery for orders placed by 8:00am. Check the calendar below for availability:

ready to Kanga-Do it?

Fill out the following for a quote for monthly service, or if you're still just kicking the (shopping cart) tires and have a burning question or two. If you prefer, you can just email your details to the email address listed below. Thanks!

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